Waterlily Phytonutrient Facial review

It’s been  a while since we talked. I have been extremely busy on the road travelling and training therapists all over Australia in the beautiful ‘aromaceutical’ Waterlily Professionally Exclusive Spa  facials.  And it has really confirmed for me that often people with skin conditions like acne are often very afraid of getting professional treatments for fear that they “won’t work” , “will be too harsh for my skin”, contain too many chemicals” , “are drying to the skin” and a myriad of other reasons. Which is why I am so happy and excited to be training therapists in something completely new and wildly different to modern cosmeceutical treatments.  Waterlily is an active professional  botanical aromatherapy based treatment that is neither stripping, nor drying or full of chemicals.

My blog today is a review of this transformative new treatment Waterlily’s Professionally exclusive Phyto Nutrient Spa Facial, so sorry to all you folks not currently residing in Australia as this will not be available for you however I am certain you will still find some valuable information on ingredients in this article.

There are a number of reasons why we go to a beauty salon or spa for a facial and to be honest for myself I would have to say that high on my own persona list is the element of ‘touch’. Such a rare thing in our busy modern technology driven society these days but fundamental to our survival as mammals. We breathe, we eat , we drink and we NEED touch.  It switches on nerve receptors that communicate with the parts of our brain connected with development and also production of hormones – it is VITAL. One thing we are often told as acne sufferers is to STOP touching our skin!!! Ironically this is actually great advice as many germs and bacteria can be transferred from the palms and  fingers, however when it comes to therapeutic touch and the use of great active products, touch can become part of our healing journey.

I am delighted to say that the Waterlily Phyto Nutrient Spa Facial delivers all the elements that I want and need from a treatment as an acne sufferer. It has sensational smells – clean fresh and uplifting without being overly medicinal. It has beautiful nourishing EFA’s ( see my article on EFA’s) – vital for the healing of post acne scarring as well as the reduction of inflammation in the deeper layers of the skin as well as encouraging healthy enzyme activity. It has naturopathic strength botanical infusions – these are dispensed lovingly onto the skin for the duration of the facial allowing beautiful skin calming and restoring effects immediately. It has high quality marine extracts and spirulina – embodying the principles of superfoods for the skin.  It has plentiful vitamins A, E, and C – great supplements to take for healing and repairing and calming the skin and any blemishes and definitely great in skincare when they are bio-available. It has therapeutic strength essential oils – easily absorbed into our skin and blood stream to effect healing on a cellular and lymphatic level for the maximum improvement of our acneic complexions.

Each facial uses the art of warm aromatherapy compressing to infuse the essential oils and plant materials into the skin and that feels wonderful too; its’ a slightly less intense way of introducing steam into the facials whilst also using the all important art of therapeutic touch. Scents of Australian Eucalyptus, French Cypress, Italian lemon and Sweet Orange remind us that this facial is connected very firmly into the rituals of Aromatherapy. Interestingly the use of Australian Eucalyptus and French Cypress ensure that this is an anti-bacterial treatment without the harsh drying effects of some chemicals and even good old Tea Tree oil! I actually favour French Cypress for all wound-healing, acne reducing and blemish treating formulas and look out for my upcoming e-book for more information on this. French Cypress works on inflammation but also on the reducing impurities in the lymphatic system and so works well on hormonal acne.  The most important thing with using high levels of essential oils as in this facial is ensuring your delivery system allows them to penetrate at the right rate thereby not causing any discomfort at a superficial level. This facial does exactly that and it is a sensory journey too!!!!

The naturopathic style toner omits the use of alcohol, fragrances and fillers or chemical preservatives and is simply a healing delight for the skin. Refreshing and rebalancing, whilst delivering ingredients such as Organic Liquorice to brighten and diminish the appearance of scars, Organic Spirulina and Kelp to recondition and reduce inflammation, Organic gotu Kola to speed wound healing and strengthen the skin, all in a Lavender hydrosol (floral water) base to soothe and restore ph balance. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

The Spirulina and Mint Exfoliant delivers a stimulating but cooling event for the skin and is applied as a gommage ( cross between an exfoliant and mask) so as to allow the activity of the cleansing purifying green clay to go to work on the skin and avoid spreading any breakouts.  Gentle technique is then used to manually exfoliate without disturbing the outer layers of the skin and encouraging cell turnover from deep within. Spearmint and peppermint oil are rich in cooling natural menthols which will increase blood flow and therefore release of toxins whilst also initiating anti-inflammatory effects. The whole cooling experience leaves skin feeling purified and fresh without de-hydrating.

Massage is such an appropriate form of touch for acne sufferers as it encourages a deep sense of peace within as well as encouraging lymphatic circulation which is the main method of purification for the skin.  This relaxing part of the treatment is done with the Phyto Nutrient Vitamin Serum which uses the more digestible oil base of Jojoba ( similar in composition to the skin’s own sebum) along with healing Calendula and anti-ageing Carrot and Pumpkin infused oils rich in beta-carotene which will not only prevent but also treat scarring and redness. Of course no serum would be complete with its dose of essential oils for their beneficial therapeutic action of purifying, healing, decongesting and restoring the skin and these are Sweet Orange, French Lavender the real start of the show French Cypress of course! Massage encourages the digestion of the oil into the skin so nothing is left on the surface to clog pores. This is something to remember if you are using natural oil based products at home.

An aloe vera based hydration infusion gel is then applied over the top of the serum on the basis that this delivery system will allow maximum penetration of ingredients such as essential oils as they like to “piggy back “ on the top of the fatty molecules of the serum therefore creating an ‘I.V infusion’ style of delivery for the essential oils in this treatment. Marine collagen will also activate and plump cells as it binds nearly 6 times its own weight in water to the cells which means that skin looks and feels hydrated without using heavy clogging moisturisers. Kelp also acts to prevent loss of hyaluronic acid from the skin – no need to add the synthetic form here!!!

The treatment climax is the Performance Masque which despite giving someone the look of Jim Carey’s character from the movie “The Mask” !!!!!! ( Arrrgghh!) is very beneficial for overall healing and repair of the skin such as blemishes and even pitting. The main ingredients are Ginseng for circulation, and Spirulina with Vitamin C to strengthen and brighten the skin giving a much smoother texture. The dichotomous earth alginate base allows the mask to set on the skin so it can simply be peeled off in one easy step after 15mins. Feels amazing and clients always comment on the sense of renewal at the conclusion of this treatment as the mask comes away and the rejuvenating Daily Anti-oxidant skin Boost moisturiser is applied. This treatment cream is light weight and jam-packed with anti-oxidants such as Pomegranate and Grapefruit and smells like a wonderful fruit salad! YUM! Until next skin dinner time…………!

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