Q: What do I think my skincare should be doing?

A: Sounds like an obvious question right? Well it seems not. Every day of my career in natural health and skincare I have seen an amazing phenomenon and it is directly linked to INTENTIONALITY. This is something that has also been coming up a lot in my own life lately and so I felt the need to share with you!

Intentionality is the concept that what we ‘intend’ on whilst ‘doing’ something is the force with which we direct the outcome of whatever it is we are doing. Now I know people may have come across this concept before and you may have already discovered in your life that if you focus on a goal and have the intention to succeed you are more likely to succeed. Or you may have come across films or books on the Law of attraction such as The secret , which talk about this idea of ‘what you think is what you create’.

Intentionality is very much along these lines and it is incredibly simple to practice but it is also equally easy to miss! What I mean is that we might intellectually know that when we practice to win something it is better to focus our intention on winning but the mind gets in the way and starts thinking all sorts of things “ you can’t win, are you serious ? look how good the other team are? Blah blah blah” you get the picture!!! But what – you ask – does this have to do with skincare?

Well I noticed a long time ago that ALL – yes ALL – of the factors that people claim may make a difference to the state or health of the skin , sometimes work ……….and sometimes don’t. YEP I said it you can do everything ‘right’ according to someone’s philosophy or principle of good skin health and you can STILL get acne. Even when people use chemical cheap nasty skincare – much to my horror!haha! – with some people they will find it “works” for them . Others will use all the natural solutions someone gives them and it won’t work and vice versa. So I guess what I am really saying is that it can appear as if all of the solutions we find for acne can also equally be illusions!!!!

“Hang on !!!!!  …..Soooooooooo…….” , ( I hear you say!!!!) “ what your saying is that the industry that you have worked in for the last ten years of natural health and skincare is actually an illusion and doesn’t work???????…….Huh? ( confused expression from you – squeals of delight from me – eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!)  YES! This is exactly what I discovered and it is exactly what led me into investigating what is really going on and this in turn brought me into the exciting field of mind-body medicine and intention.

What I have come to humbly perceive over over again in my clients and in the people suffering from skin conditions is one simple truth. And that is – their underlying Intention reigns over any physical or even emotional or spiritual practice they can undertake. Let me put it this way. Someone is told that meditation helps with skin conditions. They decide they should try this, as they have tried many other solutions and nothing works. The thought in their mind is “Oh well if it can work for others I should try it, it can’t hurt, I am not sure it will work but I will give it a go”. They sit to meditate for 30 mins each day. They read some instructions on what to do, which music to listen to, if any; how to sit or lay to practice. They light a candle and they ‘go to work’ on what they ‘think’ is the right thing to do. They may even believe they have set an intention because their goal is to get rid of their acne through meditating. After a couple of weeks of some good, some not so good meditation sittings they look in the mirror and the acne is still there and they think to themselves “But I am doing everything right! Why is this not working?”

And the truth is I don’t really have an answer for them. But here is what i do know – Intention is not the thoughts we have about something, it is not the concept we have of right or wrong, it is not the belief we hold about whether something will work or not. What Intention IS, is a connecting of the heart and the head so the alignment of soul and ego can allow a pure flow to be created from which our source can connect in to EVERYTHING and from this place we could literally eat Macca’s and live in a city and never sit to meditate but we could create health and peace and wellness. And to be honest I don’t see a lot of my clients really tap into this. There are a million reasons why and I am not going to go into those here but what I am going to do is hopefully give you some hints as to how to create this space of Intentionality for yourself in order to allow the flow of healing into your life.

I love natural skincare, I believe in the ingredients that I promote and choose to use and write about. I also strongly believe that we can enhance or destroy the ability of these ingredients with our Intentionality. Those of you who have followed my blog posts know that I LOVE essential oils and believe in their healing power. But here’s the thing – without Intentionality it is perfectly possible that those essential oils will NOT have the actions that I teach you they will. Ok going to say that again another way – your Intentionality can increase or decrease the effects of natural ingredients on your skin depending on how you use it.

Is it just me or are you totally blown away by this too?

Ok so how do we create the best possible results from whatever skincare we are using with INTENTIONALITY:

  • If it’s possible, find out the intention of the creator of the skincare you use and see if it aligns with your intention for yourself
  • Keep your skincare in a conducive environment to enhance it’s intentionality for you. It may sound strange but if you keep it somewhere where it’s close to lots of noise pollution ( including fighting and arguing!) or excessive heat or environmental pollution , it can be affected
  • Take a moment before you shower/wash/moisturise/exfoliate/or mask and come into your body and feel your heart and notice how you feel about what you are about to do. Take a deep breath to ground yourself before moving on ( this can literally be done in 10 secs)
  • State your clear intention – this can be done either by stating something positive about what you are going to do or by thanking the product for what it is about to do for your skin. Eg. Thank you beautiful lavender essential oil for healing my acne scars. ( I don’t want your family and flatmates to think you have gone bonkers talking to your face mask so this can be done silently!!!!)
  • Be present to your intention whilst you are doing the task of cleansing/exfoliating /moisturising and take notice of your physical application
  • Notice any self –talk that appears such as “this is stupid….it won’t work….how lovely…this feels good….i don’t like my acne…..i want to pick my skin…..i wonder if the traffic will be bad today…..” !!!!!! It doesn’t matter what the thoughts are just keep breathing and being present to what you are doing and allowing the thoughts to rise and fall away without focussing on them
  • When you have finished take a moment to survey yourself in the mirror and allow the above practice to sink in, you may want to press your palms together in a prayer position over your heart or simply allow a smile to break as you look into your own eyes. Heck you might even have a little cry!!! Whatever happens it’ all good.

I so look forward to sharing more with you on this subject. If you want to work with me through your process of returning your skin to its natural state of health then please book in for a consultation by clicking here. I would love to help you. Until next skin dinner time……….

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