7 Truths for creating a paradigm shift in your Business

  1. Everything is an opportunity
  • To grow exponentially
  • To experience ALL things failure and success equally
  • To feel what you have never felt
  • To equilibrate
  • Always in your life there will be equal amounts of pleasure and pain, happy and sad, gain and loss criticism and praise

2. Money = trust

  • Bills or tokens of ….trust
  • Value of all relationships
  • Expressions of our deeper desires /wants /needs
  • For abundance look at what you do/don’t trust

3. Express anger and you will grow

  • Turn enragement into engagement
  • Powerful fires stir heart energy and can transform
  • Equal sides anger/passion

4. Collaboration over competition leads to lasting success

  • Creating collaborative community
  • Creating an experience rather than a thing
  • People are looking for relationship
  • Using your “competitors” to collaborate and therefore increase the “pie” bigger slices!!!

5. Change is the only constant

  • Change fear into excitement – it is not real anyway
  • Fear = a distortion of emotion
  • When we ebb and flow with change it brings peace and a feeling of constancy – what do you KNOW to be true
  • When everything changes change everything

6. Gratitude will show you the way to anything your heart desires

  • Practice being grateful for everything!!!!
  • Law of attraction – lifting it from manifesting into heart centred creation
  • There is only one emotion
  • When you see only gratitude in all you do you are living from now instead of living from future point/self/experience “when i get that i …”
  • Abundance isn’t always about cash
  1. The life you are already living is a perfect indicator of your highest values
  • Always doing the best we can with what we have
  • Always getting the pay off we want
  • If you are whinging about it you want it!!! If you don’t have money then you don’t want it – habit of saving – goes back to gratitude
  • How do you fill your space/spend your time/energy/money – where are you most disciplined, what do you talk about internally/externally the most

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