7 Heart Centred Principles for creating a New Economy Business

Crown           Collaboration     Base

  • connecting
  • letting your light shine so others may shine too
  • the bigger the pie the better
  • affliating with others in your field – get creative!!

3rd Eye          Authenticity     Sacral

  • transparency – website FB twitter linked in 
  • speaking your truth
  • reserving judgement – allowing others to be where they are at
  • a feeling of whatever happens – “and that’s ok with me”


Throat        Purpose          Solar Plexus

  • represented by your worth and value
  • being a leader – being an expert /guru – being a spiritual steward
  • letting IT live you rather than trying to live it
  • UVP – mantra – obituary – vision board but with feeling
  • Talking as if it already is – not living from a future goal

Heart        Connection       Heart

  • anger – let it go and you will grow
  • seeing crisis as your opportunity
  • journey not destination
  • heart-centred listening and developing self trust – no right or wrong

Solar Plexus  Manifesting          Throat

  • action part – law of attraction teachings are 1 sided – need to bridge between ego and heart – letting it go vs wanting it bad!!
  • Stop thinking campaigns start thinking conversations
  • Feeling it versus actioning it – incorporating this into your daily action plan
  • Business plans vs vision boards – flexibility

Sacral        Vision            3rd Eye

  • Your WHY versus the HOW ( eg relationships)
  • need to do – why? Not what when who where and how
  • Niches – what is a niche

Base          Passion              Crown

  • What switches you on and lights you up – eg aromatherapist doing remedial massages and not enjoying it
  • Connecting with your mortality – obituary
  • How may i serve
  • Is your passion running through all of your life – if not why not

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