10 common mistakes Spa/Salon owners make

10 common mistakes Owners make when opening a Spa or Salon

  1. I enjoy this….., so my clients will enjoy this…….
  2. This is a great well known product range, all the spa’s are using it so it will be great for my business
  3. I can do treatments myself until the business gets busier
  4. I don’t need to do any specific marketing before I open the doors
  5. My location is not important it’s about what we offer
  6. My location is of paramount importance regardless of what we offer
  7. I will hire trained therapists so I don’t have to take them off the floor to be trained
  8. Retail is not as important as services
  9. The decor in the treatment rooms is a priority
  10. The therapists can do treatments back to back for economy of time

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