10 tips for a Makeover for the SOUL :)x

Makeover for the Soul – Tip #1 – Eat lots of leafy greens. Now most people think this is just because I love nutrition and healthy eating and its good for your skin, cleansing the blood etc and all those things are true. But my number one tip is also about how to tap into your creative heart power and one way to access this is to eat ‘vibrationally high energy’ wholefoods that are Green. Green is the colour of the heart chakra/energy.

Make over for the Soul – Tip #2 – Open your heart! a great way to help with expansion of heart awareness is to engage in physical stretches that open the chest – one way to do this is to lay with a rolled up towel along your spine and lay your arms out to the side ( make sure head is supported and not over extending neck back ) as if ‘on the cross’ this will help with flexibility of the spine and opening the chest area allowing the heart chakra to open and helping with better posture. This is in turn will encourage ” open heart” body language. notice that when you are ‘closed’ emotionally you will hunch and close the chest to protect yourself

Make over for the Soul – Tip #3 – this is my top tip to realign all the meridians of the body and to tap into core heart awareness and will work in a myriad of different situations. If you use it wisely you will instantly feell the ramifications through all of the bodies ( physical/ emotional/ ethereal/ astral ) and it will reawaken the deep centred heart felt resonance with Who you Really ARE. Simply tap the centre of the chest over the breast bone whilst repeating mentally or softly out loud ” Peace is here, Peace is here, Peace is here” ( If you have both hands free try alternately tapping this area with finger tips of both hands)

Makeover for the Soul tip #4. Spend some time near a body of water, preferably the ocean or a natural body of water such as a waterfall or stream. The energy given off in these places comes in the form of negative ions which recharge our electromagnetic field which in turn charges up our own “body of water” specifically the lymphatic system which encourages the circulation of nutrients and new cells as well as the detoxifying of waste, cancer cells and other toxic materials.

Makeover for the Soul Tip #5 Give or receive a massage! When we touch another human we create a complete electrical/electromagnetic circuit which actually charges our health ( mind and body) because it encourages the flow of negative ions and the release of positive ions/free radicals. This can be done by phyiscally stimulating the muscles and releasing toxins/increasing circulation, it can also be done with super light touch such as in a Lymphatic massage where the delicate more superficial lymphatic structures are ‘pumped’ encouraging good lymph flow which increases immunity. It can even be done through healing or energetic touch which works in exactly the same way but just on the etheric or energy field. Most importantly when you receive massage/healing – try to see it as a two way flow instead of just a one way receiving. This will enable the therapist/giver to give more.

Makeover for the soul tip# 6 Go to the beach!!!! Walking on the sand is a beautiful grounding activity. Not only is it a much better medium for charging us up as electromagnetic beings than say a grassed area it also holds the secrets of the Universe!!! Sand is tiny crystalline structures reflecting the perfect sacred structure of the Divine Matrix. ALL knowledge is held within this structure…. So if your soul needs some answers walk on the beach!!!

Makeover for the soul tip # 7 – Feeling stressed out, strung out and wired? turn off adrenalin. You can do this easily and quickly by doing an inversion posture which basically means head down and legs up!!!! easiest way is to sit with you bum against a wall and then swing your legs up straight against the wall. you can also do this against your bed head and for further effect let your head hang back over the edge of the bed if you can. Adrenalin is a gravitational substance so when your are upright it is switched on, invert and you switch it off. Feel more relaxed, look younger, and give your organs a rest !!!

Make over for the soul Tip # 8 – try being completely honest with someone you love and care about today. Real honesty is cleansing. If feels good to both parties. It’s about saying “this is who I am no matter what ” it’s about trusting your own feelings as guidance and letting the other person know those feelings in a compassionate and self – referenced way. Instead of blaming or criticizing which a lot of people mistake for up front honesty try starting With ” I feel….” and keep it flowing this way.

Makeover for the Soul Tip #9 – listen to music to invigorate your soul. Your soul wants to feel everything with rich awareness and Truth. Music assists us to feel all that we are capable of feeling. It’s only us that labels it good or bad as an experience. You will always be drawn naturally and instinctively to the music that draws our the emotions under cover. Pay attention and honor it. Let the music begin!..

Makeover for the Soul Tip # 10 – Breathe……..sounds simple however if we don’t build a regular habit of breathing deeply we ALL will revert to shallow chest breathing, depriving our brain and body of vital nutrients and our soul also get starved because we can’t be as creative as we can when we spend a few minutes breathing deeply into the belly and exhaling through the mouth, releasing toxins……..just breathe 😉

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