Activities for a New economy entrepreneur

1. Purpose Mantra

So we all have stuff that our ‘Little voice’ says to us constantly – right ?! Ok so its the voice that just said “What little voice?” haha LOL! Start to notice if this stuff is nice, compassionate, critical, demeaning, endorsing, berating, loving? What do you say to yourself? I know for me I realised that a lot of the time I was quite critical of myself, a bit like a school teacher to a naughty child ( I had a lot of experience to go off!!!haha!) and this wasn’t that surprising as I really wanted to be a teacher so there you go!

What I am suggesting with the Purpose Mantra is that you find 2 or 3 words that are really inspiring to you. Its a bit of an internal  recording that you can go to when you know need a boost. So for me is PEACE, POWER, GRATITUDE. Kind of like a reset button!

2. UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

I have spent a lot of time with companies doing business development and coaching and one of the secrets to the success of a business or a brand in my opinion is that of KNOWING YOUR WORTH. And the only way to truly know this is to dig really deep and ask WHY? and from that you can come up with your UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION. It’s kind of a new economy version of the old USP – the difference is that a USP is the surface of the brand and the UVP is deep in the heart and soul. To come up with your unique value ask “Why do we/I do what I do?” and keep asking and asking ( a little like a satsang or enquiry) until you come up with the core value that you offer. It will be really simple and clear. It will resonate. Don’t let the old EGO throw you off because it will want this to be really complex and sophisticated and its really not!!!!! Have fun!

3. Invoicing the Universe

This one is great and it really really works – I found this out the hard way !!! By that I mean that because I had trouble aligning what I did with earning good money I invoiced what I thought was a respectful amount. When I looked back at my ‘invoice’ after a year I had actually earnt that exact amount – trouble was it wasn’t that much !!!!! So my advice is to really look at what you have done in your life, when did you get paid what you feel you were worth and when didn’t you? Add up anything you feel is still owing to you from jobs that you did or things you created that you didn’t get paid for. Be generous! Then write an Invoice to the Universe and put it somewhere where you can look at it in 3/6/12 mths – and be really clear the date that you want this amount by. Then detach and let go and start having fun!!

4. Your obituary

Ok Ok so this one seems a little dark but I promise you will be surprised at how liberating this one is if you can actually do it. Get really quiet, get a journal to write in and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine a beautiful funeral – like you are watching in the 3 rd person if it helps! – its yours……. and now create what is being said, imagine you are saying it about you if you like. Be really descriptive about how your life has gone, what you have done, where you have been and who with, what was your value, what did you give back, what are the moments you remember. The more detailed you can be the better. You may cry and that’s ok, I did !! however mostly when I had finished I just had this overwhelming sense of love for myself and for all the people that witnessed my life, it was amazing ! I won’t say too much more – don’t want to ruin it for you! Have fun!

5. Your Vision

Ok so by now if you have done all of the exercises above then you will have a good idea of what your vision is for your life. Let me be really clear here – a vision is not a statement of “I want to be such and such so I can do such and such” it is who your are BEING through every aspect and facet of your life. Mine is quite simple and I share it with you for inspiration……..”My vision for my life is to wholeheartedly inspire others to live their best life possible”


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