Feedback please !!!

Hey lovelies

So this post is really about getting your feedback. I am thinking of doing some short videos for my blog. Tell me what do you prefer? do you like to read stuff or watch stuff? or a mix of both?

Also do you like it better when I do general posts on life love and the universe or do you like the more technical aromatherapy, health or skin related posts.

All feedback is welcome and I look forward to answering some of your questions. And watch out for the March post because its going to be all that you ask for!!!!!!! Don’t forget to follow me on facebook and twitter!

Love to you all xxxx

One response to “Feedback please !!!”

  1. Nadine says:

    Hi Lovely,

    I am more of a visual person so videos would attract me more. In saying that though if the topic is interesting I like to read about it also. Especially if it has facts, figures and info.

    So thats answers the second part, I like to learn. So facts and info is more my thing 🙂

    Hope this is helpful xoxo

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