How to find the LOVE of your LIFE …….

So I was officially married in a legal ceremony overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbour with a few family and friends and I am so lucky because I get to do it all again in a beautiful white ( well off white :)))) ! dress in Thailand in a week and a half. I married the love of my life who I met just shy of 10 months ago!!!

Me and Jules Opera houseI know this a little off topic for my blog but as ‘The Wholehearted Entrepreneur’ I really do feel that the journey into Wholeheartedness ( which I am on with all of you) really does encompass all aspects of life. I am teacher and I teach from my experiences and in the past I have tended to feel that I must be “qualified” or at least have some sort of diploma to teach on the topics I love however I have to say that “LOVE” is one of my most favourite topics and something I have been passionate about my WHOLE life.

Love is the stuff that connects us all whether we feel it or not. Sometimes we feel disconnected and basically that is when we are pinching off this abundant flow. Its inescapable fact – Love makes the world go round. ( OK physicists and scientists I am just being metaphorical !!) and yet seriously…… its what we all need.

There have been points in my life when I have felt less than loved and I slowly but surely came to the realisation that it actually had very little to do with how much I was getting someone to love me and very much to do with how much I embodied the very stuff of life itself. For those of you who feel that it may never happen for you or that its too late firstly I say ‘PAH! nonsense” very very lovingly of course 😉 and then I say look at little deeper…….

When I met my gorgeous man I was about a month away from my 37th birthday and I had completely detached from the goal of meeting someone whom I would marry and create a family with. BIG DIFFERENCE between ‘giving up’ and ‘surrendering to’ or ‘detaching from’. Take notes here if you are wondering why its not happened for you because I have been there BELIEVE ME!!!!!

It was as if I had finally realised that I was not “looking for the one” out there in the world as the movies suggest but I was somehow on a journey deep into my soul to see how much love I had to give and eventually to realise that I was not even really giving it from some scarce non-renewable source but I WAS it. And if I WAS it then the world being the mirror that it is would then mirror back to me that same never-ending source that is LOVE.

This was not easy and I had made a commitment to myself during this time that I would remain single, not to push anyone or anything away but simply to be able to recognise all of this for myself without any external distractions and somehow I had a deep inner knowing that in doing this I would then be in a greater position to continue to recognise it in myself even when someone was standing there in front of me as an outward projection of this.

And do you know what I got ? ……I got ME …….beautiful passionate unending source of Unlimited LOVE and Abundance. And right on cue there was my gorgeous husband. We met and within 2 mths of meeting we were engaged and now we are married. As soon as I wasn’t trying to make it something it was not it just appeared. Now I don’t want to make this sound like we don’t have our challenges or that we haven’t had to work on stuff or face things about one another because you ALWAYS do but I did discover that it was a lot easier than I had imagined and that all the trying and all the striving to be something I was not, in the end just got me a whole load of heartache and pain.

I can’t wait to share more with you and I am going to leave it there for now – please feel free to post comments and questions and remember that YOU are the real LOVE of your life and when you are its amazing what shows up 🙂

4 responses to “How to find the LOVE of your LIFE …….”

  1. Nadine says:


    This is a beautiful revelation and it is so lovely to know most of your story personally and finally see it reach this amazing place.
    You are a great inspiration to me and a big mentor in my life xoxo I am so elated that the universe has given you a wonderful loving union after your amazing journey through love xoxoxo
    Thanks once again for showing me to always look at life in a more positive and reflective aspect and what lessons life is trying to teach you. Other than only seeing the negative. You truly are an amazing, intelligent women 😉

    Dino 🙂

  2. Jan P says:

    Yah, I’m thrilled to see you in such a happy place Lisa – the pics are gorgeous – looking forward to actually meeting this man of yours – wishing you both many years of happiness as you journey together – congratulations to both of you.

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