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After a gorgeous civil ceremony in Australia, my husband and I travelled to Koh Samui for a wedding celebration of our dreams and ensuing honeymoon. It was a truly magical experience and brought up a lot of emotions for me and it seemed for the entire wedding party! I could not have imagined a more perfect scenario, with my family and friends coming across with us from Australia as well as my Dad, Aunty and Uncle, from the UK who I had not seen in over 2 years and long long time friend Nicki with her family also from England – let’s just say it was a HUGE party !!

In the Land of Smiles our creation of a truly memorable Wedding was realised and it made me have a few realisations of my own. The people in Thailand without exception were helpful and caring and generous during our time there and I cannot write this post without mentioning the gorgeous team at Akaryn , most of all Alex and Jin, who worked so hard to make our dream come true. From the beautiful rose-drenched cabana beach ceremony to the incredible Seafood and Thai style beach buffet, everything was just exquisite and perfect. Happiness abounded and not just on the day of the wedding but throughout our entire trip. My husband went above and beyond with creating memorable experiences such as a trip out to the islands and Angthon National park on a boat which served to bring the wedding party together in a beautiful community before the actual day itself.

elephant and petals on bedswan heart on bed

From being greeted by Alex the general manager himself to walking into our room where an ‘origami’ towel Elephant adorned with rose petals awaited us on our four post bed to the Moet chilling on ice and then the gorgeous surprise of the beautifully decorated room on our wedding night everything seemed like a moment or a memory created to last us a lifetime. It didn’t stop there with an amazing ceremony conducted by Ann, heartfelt speeches by all ( lots and lots of tears and laughter!), an amazing Fire show ( arranged by my gorgeous bridesmaids Sonia and Amanda and my friend Cherie) ; letting off Huge Lanterns on the beach to commemorate the occasion and remind me of the presence of my darling Mother in spirit; and getting the opportunity to sing for my husband in front of everyone. I have seriously run out of adjectives!!!

I hope you get the picture. It was a day of love and laughter and it seemed no coincidence that the song I chose for our first dance together was the aptly named “Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban. Perhaps one of the most extraordinary moments was when my husband cried out during my speech “a butterfly on your dress” and the whole party gasped as they knew full well that this could only be a sign from my Mother who passed away in July 2010 ( I have a tattoo on my shoulder of a butterfly in her memory), it truly felt that EVERYONE was there for us and for love and the belief in our union.

C_8366Lisa and Jules Laughing

As I experienced the Thai culture throughout my wedding day and indeed the whole entire holiday with Spa treatments galore, enormous and decadent seafood platters and thai dishes, and the amazing array of shops and market stalls, something kept persisting for me and that was this concept of being better for someone. Not only is marriage an opportunity, as we stated in our vows to each other, to make a stand for another, to be better for someone and for yourself , but isn’t this also true in all aspects of our lives?

The ripple effect that this idea had on our journey was phenomenal. From dear friends like Rosemary who offered everything at her disposal to assist us to create this extraordinary day, to family such as Ann, Maria, Rachelle and Guy actually being hands on involved in the ceremony and reception itself. In fact everyone that came and was involved in any way went out of their way to ‘be better’ for us.

Being better is about smiling and saying “YES” even when you are not sure ‘HOW”. I saw this a lot in the lead up to the wedding and the faith that has instilled in me is enormous. Faith in love and friendship and faith in our ability and power to create our realities with our minds. The Thai culture itself seems to embody this, with the quiet generosity of Buddhism as its platform and the genuine Smiles that give this country its nickname ( Land of Smiles), everything seems to come from the question “How can I be better for this person?”

We saw this in the way people served us in restaurants, the way we were treated in the Spa’s and especially in the way the Resort team at Akaryn came together to create this event for us. It just felt like everyone wanted to be better and therefore to do better. Isn’t this a mantra to live our lives by?

And so it brings me to thinking about the meaning of the marriage I have created with my gorgeous and loving husband and what sets this apart from relationships I have seen or experienced and it really comes down to one thing. It’s not essentially about the day, the ceremony, or even the rings we exchanged. It’s not about the dress ( totally gorgeous though!!!) or the suits or the flowers. It’s about the intention behind that and this intention has been demonstrated for us in our lives, in each other, in our families , friends and the people we meet along our Journey…….. that is the intention to be better, for one another, for ourselves and maybe even ultimately for the world we create.

Love to you allxxx

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