The low down on “Oil-Pulling”

Ok so I promised I would write a blog on my recent experiences with having a ‘Pull’ ……Oil-pulling that is………..puuuhlease people ! honestly!

The lovely Jess Ainscough(The Wellness Warrior) talks about this on her blog and even has a little video on her Healthtalks TV about it and I had been reading about it here and there and also have just been to Thailand and have some beautiful virgin Coconut Oil and I thought – Why not?

Traditionally Oil-Pulling is done with Sesame oil as it comes from the Ayurvedic tradition and this would be their oil of choice and probably the most convenient in that part of the world. It has been practised for centuries and the idea is quite simple. Taking a tablespoon of oil and swishing it around the mouth for 10-20mins and then spitting it out.

My preference here is Coconut oil simply because that is what I have access to right now and it is very high quality as well as its endless health benefits. When I tell people what I am doing most people say “Oil????” and are quite surprised. The reason why I was so open to it and not at all surprised that Oil is used in this technique is because that is where Cleansers or cleansing agents come from. Oil is saponified to create a natural low lathering Castile type of soap or it is ethoxylated and sulphonated to create more “chemical” or synthetic versions of soap. The most common of which is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is in most modern toothpastes, handwashes, shampoos and body washes. So Oil seems like a very logical cleansing option to me!

The way it works is that the fatty chains in the oil actually attract other oils, grease, and bacteria and ‘hold’ them so they can be washed away. It is more gentle than using for example Clay which also attracts bacteria and dirt and absorbs it. I could devote an entire blog to the benefits of different oils not to mention essential oils! So I will try to keep it short and sweet here and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.

Sesame oil will work well for the purposes of Oil-pulling and I suggest you use a cold-pressed organic version as others may have been may with roasted sesames or even hydrogenated oils and you will not get the benefits. The same with choosing Coconut oil – choose a virgin and organic if you can. You will know pure Coconut oil simply from the fact that it will turn solid below 25 degrees C. If this happens simply run the bottle or jar under hot water to turn it to liquid again. It’s tough ! it can take it ! Great for cooking too by the way for this very reason, you cannot deteriorate the oil with heating ( not the temps used for normal cooking certainly).

Coconut oil contains some amazing Fat Enzymes and is mostly MCT’s ( Medium Chain Tryglycerides) such as Lauric Acid, as well as Polyphenols ( natural anti-inflammatories) and Vitamins. In normal language this means it helps inhibit viruses, as well as balancing good and bad bacteria in the body, its very healthy because the body knows how to utilise it without turning it into something nasty. It helps fight fungus and microbes that cause all sorts of havoc in the body. So when it comes to all things happy and healthy – coconut oil is the go!


– Pour a tablespoon of Coconut Oil into a small bowl or cup

Add 2 drops of an essential oil and swirl to mix , they mix incredibly well into coconut oil. ( I have been using Rosalina ( sweet tea tree) or Fragonia beautiful Aussie oils but you can use anything really that is anti-bacterial and anti-viral or detoxifying eg Oregano or Thyme or Clove or the Citruses but stick to 2 drops as they are powerful – 70 times stronger than the plant they come from to be exact!)

Use a timer and try 10 mins to start and build to 20 if you can! I do it while I am in the shower in the morning as it is best done on an empty stomach.

Swish , swirl and ‘pull’ the oil through the teeth and over the tongue and around the mouth. I find its best not to do this too vigorously as it’s really important that you DON”T SWALLOW ANY!

– After your timer goes off Spit out the Coconut oil as much as you can taking care not to swallow any

Rinse your mouth out thoroughly with warm water ( you can add a pinch of sea salt for extra cleansing)

Clean teeth as normal

Some of the benefits that can be seen from ‘Oil-pulling’ are cleaner brighter whiter teeth, reduction of gum disease and infection. Also because you are pulling toxins from the mouth it can really help with instances of decay and deterioration of the teeth. More than just dental health people have found that they can reduce sinus congestion, allergies, and even over time digestive health,arthritis, migraines and skin disorders such as eczema and persistent rashes.

As someone who has been on a journey with my own Digestive and Skin health at times and who fully believes in the concept that you mouth health is very representative of your inner health in general I was very game to give this a try.

On the day I started I actually woke up with a sore throat and after managing about 7 mins of ‘oil-pulling’ I felt like the congestion and bacteria had literally been ‘pulled’ from my throat! It was amazing. Another immediate benefit I noted was the cleanliness of my tongue and teeth and I can honestly say it hasn’t been that clean in years!!! YUK!!! I do believe that you need to do it consistently and as I write this I think I am on about day 5 and for most people I would suggest give it a go for at least a month to see some good results.

Happy Oil-pulling and let me know how you go in the comments box below!

Love to you allxxx

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