Clarifying my stance as An Aromatherapist

After some full on discussions this year, a few of which ended in an attack on me personally I want to be super clear in my stance as a fully trained and qualified Aromatherapist of almost 18 years.

I fully endorse internal use as well as external application of essential oils. I have not only studied both facets in depth with the relevant chemistry/biology/a&p/pathophysiology I have also been a part of the team (Education officer of IAAMA at the time) responsible for bringing Aromatic medicine training to Australia in the format of the advanced diploma which has since been abandoned by colleges here due to lack of demand along with (in many cases) the original diploma.

Despite being told on several occasions I don’t know what I’m talking about because I have an opinion on ingesting oils (based on the French method) I have in fact studied with Bowles, Guba, Penoel and others to understand this practice. I have also taken on those practices in my own life. I have treated 100’s of people with Aromatherapy and trained over a 1000 therapists. I am now studying naturopathy as that is the only pathway available in this country to begin towards treating people with internal use of plant medicines.

The lack of clarity has been around my suggestions that if you are not a trained professional REGARDLESS Of WHAT YOU DO YOURSELF, you should not be recommending other people take oils internally as they are 70 times stronger than the plant itself and you do not know their medical history. Also when you tell someone to put drops in water you need to be clear
A) you cannot do this with every oil as some will irritate mucous membranes
2) essential oils DONOT Mix with water, therefore, you will need to ensure they have a sufficient consumption of fats for digestion and metabolism

You practising something yourself is different than telling someone what to do. Be very clear about that.

So, in conclusion, I absolutely believe that pure essential oils from plants used safely and correctly can be ingested!

Please feel free to Message me if you have any questions. Let’s advocate for the safe use of aromatherapy. And no, you do not need to be a trained Aromatherapist to use them sensibly for yourself only to diagnose or treat someone else. I want people to be able to use them freely and for them to be accessible for everyone.

I teach people how to blend and use them for themselves. I love sharing them so please let me know if you want them in your life.

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