Healthcare is changing forever – are you ready?

Healthcare is shifting are you on board or will you be left behind?

I feel compelled to blog on this topic after the public announcement that the federal government is taking away the private healthcare rebates for some natural health modalities (I no longer call them alternatives as they are the norm and certainly ‘mainstream’ for me and people like me, and I do not adhere to a philosophy that thinks they are in some way ‘optional’). I do not want to spend my time writing about this despicable move by the government to shift power from the individual back to the Pharmaceutical companies (a very obvious move for Turnbull who has vested interests here), so if you want to read more and sign the petition to KEEP these natural healing modalities on the schedule go to or

I preface my call-to-action with the fact that I have been a health practitioner for almost 18 years now. I practiced one-to-one with clients until about 6 years ago at which point I started Training roles with various companies and eventually became an Aromatherapy Consultant to Spa/Skincare and Natural Health brands. My own training is EXTENSIVE and goes way beyond the multiple diplomas I have and into areas such as Research, Chemistry and Advanced Aromatic Medicine. I am extremely passionate – if not somewhat disillusioned – about natural healing modalities and plant-based medicines. At which point I would like to address the fact that ALL MEDICINES are in some way plant-derived (or animal-derived in the case stem cells etc) and even the most SYNTHETIC drug is in some way connected to what we fundamentally know about elemental chemistry (matter). The two are NOT mutually exclusive or in any way removed from science. All our knowledge about medicines, treatments and otherwise is inextricably connected to science. I’m sure many reading this will agree and if you don’t then you may need to go and study chemistry and anatomy & physiology and pathophysiology avidly as I have done over the years before you comment on what I am about to say.

This blog IS a call-to-action to speak up and to voice your opinion especially if it is different to the mainstream voice we are hearing right now that the ONLY way to some model of HEALTH decided on by our government, is by VACCINATIONS, ALLOPATHIC MEDICINES WITH STUDIES, AND IMPROVED HOSPITAL CARE. Now before any of your go off like a ‘frog-in-a-sock with your vague and defensive quips about ‘gold-standards’, ‘medical (as in allopathic)science’, and other such man-made inventions please hear this. I believe that the ultimate solution here is COLLABORATION. It is a model I am seeing work very well with Integrative and Holistic models of care and it is absolutely possible when people are dedicated to a shared VISION, and an outcome that is based in both preventative models as well as treatments/urgent care. I DO NOT believe that either ‘side’ is unnecessary, I do not believe that manufactured medicines do not have a place for us or that studies are unnecessary as proof of the quality of our choices. I DO believe that we have lost our way and that a paradigm shift is coming that will affect each and every one of us and our right to health IMMENSELY and if you are not on board with this you will be left behind.

What is happening to our Healthcare model

  • We are motivated by MONEY vs HEALTH – what do you think of when you think of HEALTH? Do you think of it as ‘not being sick’, ‘not being dead’, ‘feeling ok’, ‘being full of energy and vitality’. What is it for you because on a scale of 1-10 (1 being dead and 10 being the most vital radiant health and energy you can possibly conceive of and complete absence of any illness) we as health care practitioners have a LOT to contend with. The modern medical paradigm as it advanced since the The Flexner Report in the 1920’s, has been motivated my monetary concern vs regard for the healing art of medicine and it’s far reaching impacts on us. This is NOT beneficial for us as a human race and I am even predicting that the epidemics we see now of essentially preventable diseases has not yet reached its full force. Think about it this way – when a medical practitioner is MORE concerned with utilising the resources they have been TOLD to by companies more interested in the bottom line. As well as reinvesting into studies that quickly ‘prove’ in a race to capture the market, the efficacy of their particular modality or medicine, we face a moral conundrum. What are we out to prove? That we KNOW best or that the OUTCOME is best for business? At the end of the day when people die from taking pharmaceuticals as prescribed to treat the condition they have, or suffer debilitating side effects, it is little comfort to know that studies show that “X% of people felt better for X amount of years”. Which brings me to the second problem
  • We are result-focussed in our current accepted healthcare model not outcome-focussed. How many times have you heard that the ‘gold-standard’ is Evidence Based Medicine by which we mean trial-based preferably with a double-blind, randomised, controlled trial of some kind to prove beyond doubt that something works? In fact is this not the reason that most natural health modalities are due to be taken off the private healthcare schedule on the basis there is not enough ‘evidence’ that they work. Well, I’m a science junkie too so quite happy to explore this concept let’s have a look, shall we? A company has a medicine they want to take to market and to prove that it is safe and effective. So they predict a set of markers and state the variables, take a control group, perhaps use a the ‘placebo-effect’, of course without the knowledge of which group this is to either the researchers or participants and decide on the outcomes or aims of the trial. What are the potential problems here? Firstly, research is typically created and funded by the creators of the interventions therefore inherently biased, plus there are all sorts of things that can potentially interact with the variables of a trial both during and after in the collation of results. You can read more about that here and here but I advise you to do your own research because here is what I learnt when I did a specific course in Research by Dr Joy Bowles a PHD in Research – ALL RESEARCH has bias. Yep that my friends is the reason why no matter what GOLD standards you adhere to in practice if we are not patient-focussed or more importantly, outcome-focussed we cannot possibly be claiming to be acting in the best interests of people’s health. A pharmaceutical company funding its own research into its latest drug to hit the shelves is as fundamentally flawed as our own personal opinion of what is best for us. It just so happens to have problem no 1) driving it – MONEY. How can we launch a drug and ensure that it is profitable and that we do not lose money once it has gone to market? Which brings me to problem number 3
  • We are mostly Reductionist in our healthcare model vs Holistic. When you see a GP far from taking a holistic view they actually segment our health into parts that are manageable. No judgement here – it’s a tough gig with lots of diverse things to deal with. If you go to a GP with any kind of health condition that is not self-limiting like a cold or a bug you will be referred to either Emergency medicine practitioners or Specialists and from there you will be broken down even further into your parts and pieces! And a verdict delivered based on what they are looking for. Notice I said what THEY are looking for. Remember the scale of wellness I referred to earlier? 1-10 1 being dead and 10 being ultimate wellbeing? A doctor or allopathic medicine practitioners aim is to keep you as far away from 1 on the scale as is humanly possible. A noble aim for sure and one that has absolutely NOTHING to do with HEALTH. Yes, I said NOTHING. It is about keeping you from being sick, alleviating pain and stopping you from dying. All very worthy aims, no doubt. But what about health? If the reductionist model we have all bought into since the advent of The Flexner Report and the ensuing EBM model is NOT focussed on Health – then who in God’s name is? Ok so here is where I will create some controversy and that’s fine because you might think I am going to say the Holistic and Natural Healthcare practitioners such as the ones that are being thrown out of the private health rebate scheme and it’s true I DO think that they are much more focussed on us being healthy, on preventative medicine and on ultimate wellness but in truth the answer to my question is (or should be) YOU. You need to be focussed on your health so that you can utilise holistic and integrative models of healthcare effectively, you need to be focussed on health so you can create the outcomes you want and move towards them. You need to be aware of the flaws of EBM and therefore NOT be reliant on drug companies or even natural health companies to do your research for you.



What now?


The paradigm shift that I am seeing is happening now and it is resulting in health practitioners turning away from traditional models of practice, away from associations that no longer afford them any real governance or protection of their rights and careers, away from health funds that leave them and their clients high and dry when they need care the most. I myself have recently decided that perhaps I won’t keep paying for my association membership which does not recognise my long history of experience and anecdotal studies and chooses not to support me with health fund rebate status unless I fork out $1000’s more to ‘upgrade’ my already massively upgraded knowledge of 18 years of practice and CPD. Plus now we face uncertainty in our careers as the more profitable cousins ‘Pharma Ceutical’ take centre stage while plant-based or even energetic based medicines are deemed to be fundamentally flawed by a government more interested than lining its back pockets than our actual health interests. If you don’t know what I am talking about perhaps read some of my stories about caring for a patient (for me my mother) during a terminal illness and ‘end-of-life’ protocols and tell me I am wrong.


We need to embrace the diversity of different capabilities of the different models to produce outcomes for people and their health.


We need to allow people the option to CHOOSE what they feel is best for their health.


We need to empower, educate and uplift those wanting to BE better and feel better.


We need to encourage research, learning and study no matter what area of healthcare or medicine you wish to do this in.


We need to have options for people in both preventative care and treatment or urgent care.


We need to work together and collaborate, knowing that anything we do alone can only possibly create synergistic outcomes when done with other like bright-minds.


We need to look at people as people not statistics in a failing health model.


We need to question rather than fight – why is is that a mother of a vaccine-injured child is loathe to vaccinate her 2nd child? Why is it that someone whose mother dies traumatically during horrendous cancer treatments loses faith in the medical reductionist model?


We need to speak up, and unite, collaborate and create a new model together.


It’s coming anyway – the resistance is already here with people clamouring to learn from me and to be educated in essential oils, and plant medicines and to do it on their OWN terms often WITHOUT a practitioner. It’s coming anyway as people question and use their OWN intuition to make decisions about what is best for them. It’s coming anyway as revolutionaries educate in personalised health models instead of one-size fits all and as people create businesses and followings based on their own personal experiences not the teachings of the medical community.


Are you ready?


Feel free to comment on my facebook page and let’s create a collaborative and empowering conversation to give a voice to this important matter – YOUR HEALTH.

If you are a natural health practitioner and a leader looking for a sustainable way to monetise your knowledge I am looking for passionate wellness visionaries, thought leaders and change makers to join my team – I teach the teachers and empower the women who are changing the world especially the Gen X movers and shakers that want to create freedom, purpose and connection in their families and communites. Feel free to contact me or book a discovery call with me to find out more here 



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