Tearing the whole thing down and more news

I just wanted to drop in and make this very brief and very clear to anyone who visits my website.


I am tearing down my whole entire business and the way I do things in order to rebuild it with integrity and authenticity as the cornerstones.

Why? well firstly because I felt I needed that to honour what is now coming up for me, the person I am today versus the person I was even in that photo (taken nearly 5 years ago now).

But also because it has been made very clear to me recently that I am living a life of white privilege that has made me not only miss but sometimes even blatantly ignore, truths that are harming certain marginalised sectors of society. I will not be going into that here, it is not the place, I am certainly no activist and I do not believe I am well equipped to deal with the larger conversation yet that needs to be had around this huge and deeply devastating topic.

Here’s what I do know. I do not want to be part of a system that idolizes or systematically upholds my status in the world based on the fact that I am white. Nor do I want to be part of a system that says what  I can do or am capable of because I am a woman, including (but not limited to)the very sensitive subject of whether or not I have children and how that affects the life I lead, the jobs I do or the money I earn.

I am done with “hiding” behind my whiteness or being ashamed of my background because of what my people have done. I cannot adhere to every word that I have written in my blogs now that I have been shown the TRUTH of white privilege which I was being blind to before.

At the same time, I am done with being subject to the whims of our white-male dominated society and governance and being “preached” to about the limitations/misgivings/responsibilities of myself as a woman, and how that does or does not impact my actions and my effectiveness in the world.

That being said what is first and foremost to me in my heart to do in the world is what will remain and come through in it’s new form very soon, which is to lead with heart and to empower women everywhere to live their best, most wholehearted life with a sense of purpose and a strong vision.  This has not and will not change, nor will my love for teaching what I know in the natural health/wellbeing/skincare worlds and working closely with businesses that wish to make a social impact in these areas.

I will still be on social media while my site/business is dismantled and recreated and I look forward to engaging with you all there.

With love and gratitude

Lisa T xx

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