A pathway to Purpose

November 27th, 2017
At the beginning of the year I was in a bad way. Depressed, anxious, scared and literally living on the brink. I felt ashamed to really admit to anyone how bad it had gotten. Living with PTSD is tough enough but when you add to that losing a multi-million...Continue reading

The One thing

November 26th, 2017
I was in a session with a client the other day and bam! it hit me! The ONE thing that always crops up to thwart us. That inevitable 'dead-end' we will reach, or 'glass ceiling' we will create. And how this ONE thing is the same for all of us. It was like a...Continue reading

The real reason your not in a relationship…..

April 22nd, 2013
So ...... time for some tough love ! If your not ready for that I suggest you stop reading.....NOW..... you are not going to like what I have to say! It's ok because anything I have to say or do for you I have done for myself, its not going to kill you, it...Continue reading

Blog on Marriage and to be better

April 16th, 2013
After a gorgeous civil ceremony in Australia, my husband and I travelled to Koh Samui for a wedding celebration of our dreams and ensuing honeymoon. It was a truly magical experience and brought up a lot of emotions for me and it seemed for the entire...Continue reading

How to find the LOVE of your LIFE …….

March 25th, 2013
So I was officially married in a legal ceremony overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbour with a few family and friends and I am so lucky because I get to do it all again in a beautiful white ( well off white :)))) ! dress in Thailand in a week and a half....Continue reading