Winter Skincare Routine

June 23rd, 2017
A question I get asked at least 20 times at the change of season is "Do I need to change my skincare routine?" And the short answer is "Yes". Clearly that's not going to make a very interesting read!! So I will do my best to debunk all the skincare myths I...Continue reading

Natural Skincare on a Mission

April 25th, 2017
There have been times during my career in Natural Health, Beauty and Skincare that I have questioned whether I am "doing enough", in the sense of doing my part to make the world a better place, a cleaner, more workable and loving place. It has always been...Continue reading


June 8th, 2012
Q: What do I think my skincare should be doing? A: Sounds like an obvious question right? Well it seems not. Every day of my career in natural health and skincare I have seen an amazing phenomenon and it is directly linked to INTENTIONALITY. This is...Continue reading

Waterlily Phytonutrient Facial review

May 8th, 2012
It’s been  a while since we talked. I have been extremely busy on the road travelling and training therapists all over Australia in the beautiful ‘aromaceutical’ Waterlily Professionally Exclusive Spa  facials.  And it has really confirmed for me...Continue reading

Is water an essential for your skincare?

April 8th, 2012
We know that water is an essential for life but how essential is it for you skincare? Over the last few weeks we have talked about Essential fatty acids which are most definitely essential for repair and cell re-structuring. We have also talked about...Continue reading