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Extraordinary Women Concepts V2-01

Investment $1500 a month  


4 x 60 min sessions p/mth

Unlimited emails and Unlimited access to me via Voxer

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Mentoring is both personal and professional (the two as you know can never be separated!) and offers a space for you to grow, learn and be supported with confidence. The time spent working on yourself and your business or vocation will lead to exponential growth.




Before we start, you have a think about 3 key areas you would like to work on.


If you have a current set of goals for yourself and/or your business/career/lifestyle we review those.




What you can expect from Extraordinary Women Mentoring  is :-


  • Mentoring – is about the long term vision for your life and having a powerful platform from which to delve into this and be supported fully
  • Coaching – coaching offers the appropriate tools to give you the structures and resources to fulfil your short-term goals sustainably and with accountability
  • Resources – access to a team of people with a wide variety of skillsets and knowledge, this is particularly helpful if you currently work alone, in small teams or are a stay-at-home mum.
  • Partnership – people to be able to share ideas with, and the support that comes when you authentically partner with people.
  • Purpose – ability to discover your true purpose and direction and move confidently forward in spite of circumstances!
  • Confidence – self-belief and the ability to move forward in your business and life that you are choosing passion and fun with integrity!



The first month would be mostly understanding your current situation, getting clear, establishing the relationship, clarifying expectations, and creating mentoring outcomes.


Month 2 and 3 is where I expect to see forward momentum towards your goals, and putting in the work from the initial session. In months 4-6 is where the magic happens! [in my experience]. This is not to say that you won’t get amazing insights from day 1, however, let’s work together to create sustainable happiness and fulfilment rather than a quick fix.

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