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I empower the women who are out to change the world, and do it with purpose and passion, to be the best version of themselves and live their wholehearted life without the hustle or the heartache.

Do you know your purpose?

Maybe that question makes you shudder.

Perhaps you feel frustrated because it seems like other people have it all sorted except you.

As a perfectionist it kind of makes your skin crawl a little, like a doomsday prediction, not an empowering uplifting kind of question.

You want to be clear on your goals and make some bold moves towards bold, connected feeling of freedom around this – if only you had the magic ingredient for success….whatever that is!

You want to live an extraordinary life not an ordinary one. You didn’t come here just to show up and consume, you came here to really SHOW UP and do exactly what you were meant to do.

And even worse, you think that you may be born to do more than ONE thing. And that just doesn’t fit in to the templates and goal plans you have been taught now does it?

In fact, you actually sometimes feel like a bit of any outsider, an oddball even, and can find yourself questioning if anybody gets it outside of a few awesome women you see on a high vibe Facebook group you are in.

“Why can’t you just do one thing and stick to it?”

“Why don’t you get a real job and then figure it out?”

“I know you’re passionate about a few things but what is it you REALLY want to do?”

“Maybe choose one or the other right now– a business or a degree, motherhood or that exciting career change?”

You have heard it all.

But that little voice inside says “No, there’s something else. Something you haven’t tried yet. Something that will fulfil you much, much more”

Don’t worry, I am not here to burst your bubble. Quite the opposite actually. I’m here to tell you that in many ways you are probably living it already. And that all you need to get into this state of being is inside just waiting to get out, it’s been speaking to you all along.

I’m just guessing here but sometimes it gets you a little down, am I right? Maybe a lot? You feel completely off track and out of sorts some days, and then right back in alignment and living your truth on others?

It’s ok sister, I get it, and I’m in the same boat as you. Living in this crazy world that tells us to stay small and safe and the same every day, while something inside me screams “No! I won’t! I want to be BIG, shine my light and play on the world stage!” I see you. I feel you.

And like you, I have worked on myself, my vision, my dreams and my goals for a long time. I have read all the books (so many my house is like a library!), listened to the audiobooks, gone to the talks, taken the courses……I have literally done it all!

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, countless hours (tears), so many vision boards and goal sheets I can’t even remember.

That is until I realised something, something huge and life-changing……are you ready……it has to be what you want.

Ok please bear with me here. I know this sounds so simple it’s almost stupid. I don’t say this lightly.

I have coached hundreds of people on business, love and relationships, money, health and wellness, as well as having 100’s of hours of coaching and mentoring myself. And it still rings true. Whatever you visualise, create, put into a goal list or a vision board, it has to be what YOU want.

What if creating a Vision for your life felt like an open invitation, free and flowing and exciting?

What if goals became fluid and interesting for you to live daily rather than ‘do’ then succeed or fail?

What if your purpose encompassed everything you love, whilst feeling fluid and heart-opening and not at all chaotic or unfocussed?

What if this was the way you were meant to be living and you already had 90% of what you needed to do it right now?

I know you feel me and I know you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about which is why you are here. Still reading this! And feeling like you’re coming home. Feeling a sense of freedom and peace. Feeling like you want to get out there and teach this to other people already without knowing the ins and out of what it is!! Weird I know! But fantastic. I want you to teach this too sister.

Ok so I’m going to assume a few things about you by now, I’m assuming you have some pretty big plans for your life and they absolutely involve making a big difference to the people and communities around you. I’m also assuming you are already working in a creative, entrepreneurial and role, whether that is for someone else or for yourself. And I’m also going to assume that you are feeling totally ready to step into your truth a little deeper and wider than ever before and play a bigger game which involves coaching, teaching or leading others. With heart versus hustle.

How did I do? Pretty close? Spot on? I see you and I hear you. Every day. And I have been called by my guides to work with you daily. And I’m listening!

It’s time.

Time for you to get the support and empowerment you need to create the space for it all to come in.

Time for me to start spreading these gifts I have been given as far and wide as I can, to as many teachers, creatives, healers, business owners and spiritual coaches, as I can.

I’ve been told.

And so have you.

There’s a way with loads more light, tons more love, and eons more of peace and freedom than ever before.

Doesn’t that feel great?

This is no longer about doing it tough, bringing the hustle, or living through the pain of heartache to achieve your life’s goals.

It’s also not about having THE answer. Like there’s one way to do it or something. No, this is about bringing it all to the table and living and loving boldly and courageously through it all. No matter what.

Ok so here it is. The way I came up with, that I called the Wholehearted Life.

I designed a beautiful, intelligent and creative way of doing Vision Boards and Goal sheets and Life purpose statements and I shared it with as many people as I could.

And it worked….time and time again. By having them look at what they want. Clearing everything else out of the way. It….just….worked.

And even better people were telling me they were not so stressed out about it as they were in the past, they didn’t feel as competitive about their goals, it didn’t feel like they had to hustle hard for their life to work out. They felt…… peace.

Mind blown.

Could it be that simple?

Yes, it could!

Had all the ‘gurus’ and teachers got it wrong? Was ‘faking it till you make it’ a pile of shit?


All I know is I LOVE working with you to get this in deep down in your soul. (Perhaps even just remember it?!) And I LOVE seeing you be, do and have the things you really want in your life. Without the bs and hard stuff. Make no mistake that stuff is coming at you regardless!

That’s life isn’t it? Full of twist and turns and unpredictable messes.

This isn’t about avoiding that truth. It’s not about having some ‘perfect’ textbook life that you then use to cajole someone into your programs or coaching spots, or online courses.

This is real fucking life.

With the cherries, with the icing, with the love, the unicorns(!), with the good stuff.

I don’t care if you want a relationship, a business, a house, a family, a truck ton of money or a not-for-profit foundation. It’s all available in the Wholehearted Life.

So don’t just sit there.

Connect with me. Email me. Book a call with me.

Tell me what’s going on for you.

Tell me what those big crazy-eyed dreams are that you have rolling around in your head night after night.
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Beautiful soul I’m not going to lie, it does take work, but this is the kind of work you are going to just LOVE. With your WHOLE freaking HEART!

I promise.

I’m with you.

Let’s do this.

All my love

From one Wholehearted sister to another.


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